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Shoulder Card

Lower Back CardUsed to assist with the relief of rotator cuff and general shoulder pain.
The shoulder is a complex joint. The majority of shoulder problems will present themselves as pain over the deltoid muscle or side of the arm. Occasionally the problem will elicit pain over the same side of the neck as the shoulder in question.

Rotator cuff syndromes, or pain when lifting or elevating the shoulder, are also common as is musculo/tendinis pain following heavy exercise.

Possible signs and symptoms of shoulder pain:

  • Pain over the outer aspect of the upper arm.
  • Pain at the point of the shoulder.
  • Difficulty raising the arm above the head.
  • Difficulty in lifting objects.
  • Pain on or under the shoulder blade.

Common conditions suitable for treatment using the Shoulder Card include:

  • A/C joint strain (a.k.a. shoulder separation).
  • Rotator cuff strain/sprain. 
  • Shoulder impingement (a.k.a. biceps tendon impingement).
  • Frozen shoulder (a.k.a. adhesive capsulitis).
  • Bursitis (most commonly miss-diagnosed condition of the shoulder).
  • Shoulder soreness.


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