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Knee Card

Knee CardUsed to assist with the relief of knee and lower leg pain.

The knee functions mostly like the hinge of a door. It flexes and extends as you walk, sit and stand. The knee turns or rotates too. This aspect of motion can put the knee in a precarious position at times as may be seen with sports persons who rapidly change directions during play while their foot is firmly planted in position.

Knee pain can also occur due to changes in the level of physical activity or the adoption of new and strenuous exercise. These can all put the knee in a vulnerable state that may cause injury to the many ligaments, tendons or articilar surfaces of the knee.

Possible signs and symptoms of knee pain:

  • Pain behind the knee.
  • Pain during or after walking or running.
  • Pain when arising from a seated position.
  • Pain on straightening the knee.
  • Unable to bend the knee, knee is locked.
  • Pan and tenderness below the knee-cap.

Common conditions suitable for treatment using the Knee Card include:

  • Strain of the collateral ligaments.
  • Peroneal nerve entrapment.
  • Popliteus syndrome.
  • Patello femoral syndrome (knee pain).
  • Jumpers knee.
  • Aches and pain radiating from particular surfaces.
  • Knee instability.


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